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Maine Beef Council

In response to the increased interest by many livestock farmers in the effective utilization of pasture for raising & finishing livestock, MGFN has been created to gather and provide information and support to interested farmers.

Many livestock farmers in Maine are learning
about potential advantages of growing grass as carefully managed pasture for their livestock. Growing grass in Maine takes advantage of our short growing season & cool climate. Keeping land in pasture reduces soil erosion caused by row crops.

If you're looking for sources of Maine-grown
grass-fed beef, click here. Click here.

Grass farming and pasture raised livestock utilize pastureland effectively, while improving animal health, product quality & market advantage. Pasture raised milk, meat, poultry, & eggs have the potential for high nutritional content and higher market prices. Grass farming can increase profitability, helping to keep farms & farmland viable and maintaining the rural character of our communities.
All farmers are invited to participate. For more information, visit:


Winter 2010 MGFN Newsletter

Dear Grass Farmers,


As many of you know by now my name is Gabe Clark, and I am fortunate to be coming to the end of my second year serving the members of the Maine Grass Farmers Network (MGFN) as President of the Board. Over the last year I feel MGFN has really started to find a new personality for itself. We are now more then ever led by a group of farmers, with great support from Cooperative Extension, MOFGA and NRCS.


I would like to tale a moment to recognize Paula Roberts and all the effort she gave to MGFN in our initial years. Unfortunately, Paula has had to resign from the board. We wish Paula the very best and want to thank her for all her efforts and enthusiasm.

This year is now the first complete year MGFN has operated as a membership based organization, and I am happy to say it has been a successful one. We are eagerly looking forward to the MGFN Grazing Conference this coming February 27, 2010 and hope to see many of you there.


This is our first newsletter of the year and we thank those of you who have recently joined as new members or will be renewing your membership. It is your support that makes this work possible. For those of you who have not renewed your membership or are considering in becoming a member, I hope you will take this opportunity to look at the benefits and services we provide to our members. Besides the access to the cooperatively owned equipment (manure spreader and no-till drill), other membership benefits include receiving our newsletter, access to having your farm listed on our product directory web page, and notification about pasture walks and other MGFN sponsored events.


As an organization we (the Board) strive to provide Maine’s grass based agricultural producers with high quality pertinent information that can make a meaningful impact on your success. We hope that we will have your support as a member in continuing this goal and bringing even more resources to Maine grass farms. If you are already a member, thank you for your continued support.



Gabe Clark

MGFN President

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